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You Were Never A Little Girl

Your world is fragile glass
Every day breaking like bones
Against the heartless pavement
Of this dingy city where dreams disappear
In the blink of an eye
Like a thousand species
Growing extinct
In the dying rainforest.

Divorce and disintegrating family life
Stole from you a happy childhood
With the malicious hands
Of a marauding thief,
You were never a little girl.

Next time I see you
Stranded on some dirty street
In the hopeless dawn
With no fuel in your tank
To get back home,
Take my twenty free,
I won’t bother you for sex.

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Wow...This shows a lot of insight into the life of a working girl. As well as a very sympathetic and kind heart. Hugs, Dee
another amazing and heartfelt piece...you rock eni da kid
I can only say that you are a truly wonderful man Uriah. This is wonderful. (The ending made me laugh a little though....NEXT time you won't bug her for sex? Does that mean this time you did?) :) Sorry, that made me laugh. Very nice poem. I love that you can see troubled women and see how they got there instead of just where they are. That's a gift. Sincerely, Mary
if only more men were like you Uriah.. the world would not have been so scary. Take care HBH
A hard condition described with heart. But rather than 20, she needs a new start. -chuck
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