You Were Not Born With Empathy

You say about these people that they were born to lose
But you seem quite judgemental since you do not live in their shoes
Born in the leafy suburb of the hard life you do not know
And if empathy you do not have then such you cannot show
You do not know these people who live with battlers stress
Since you live in the top end of town at a fashionable address
'Tis easy to be judgemental for that you don't get a prize
And if you lack in empathy then with others you cannot empathize
You say about these people that they don't warrant sympathy
But you cannot justify such talk as you've not known poverty
You've not known homeless and hungry people in the bigger World out there
And 'tis easy to be judgemental though people like you are not rare
You were not born with empathy so it is no surprise
That with the homeless battlers you cannot empathize.

by Francis Duggan

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