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I Am A Diamond
RB (1979 / Calgary)

I Am A Diamond

Poem By Sita Cabrera

when you trained yourself
to never sit
with other people
who weren’t your friends
at bars
you were on to something
when you didn’t talk to
the bartender
or the waitress
and just sat there
it was better
and let you heal up
a bit more just a little bit
you were on to something
when you didn’t want to
meet any more people
there was a decision
you remember the
point of it
and understood why
so if you’re so damned smart
why was it
that when you were on to something
that you got off of it
and on to something else

then you remember
the moment you walked out and
you heard the speeding steps
of your friend
who guilted you back in the door
and wouldn’t let you leave

maybe he is onto something
as well.

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