You Were So Close Behind...

please, hold your thoughts...
i've read your mind
so many countless times
only too come back with the
feeling that you're still so lost and alone

and i was there for you...
by your side waiting for my
chance too give you
what you've always wanted...
but til this day you hide
from the only thing that
can save you....and now i've fallen away

just be real for once....
live for what you are
truly made of inside
i still don't think you have what it takes...

how badly i wish your eyes would see
all the things we could have been...
the second you look at me
it's like your swinging for my heart
with a tire iron....

now the time has come for me to move on
but my instincts tell me
you will always be buried
deep within my chest

this is me fading....

by quiet storm

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