The Rain

Come on… where are you long lost sun?
The rain has stopped, I'm sure it's done.
I spoke too soon it's throwing it down again,
it's even overflowing from the house's drain.

The force of the rain as it hits the ground
creates a noise like no other sound.
Our wheelie bin is being beaten like a drum.
Oh come on, where is that sun?

Just look at it streaming down our neighbour's wall,
the guttering looks about ready to fall.
There it goes; it's shattered against the ground,
but the rain has dampened its crashing sound.

It is so difficult to see through the windowpane,
the running drops are racing down again and again.
I keep looking for that break of cloud in the sky,
the sun must push through, or at least have a try.

That running man outside looks soaked to the skin,
why doesn't he shelter until the rain packs in?
I can now see clearly through the windowpane.
Hurrah, the sun is bursting through the clouds again.

At last, the time has come for me to go outside.
I no longer have to shelter and hide.
I won't need to take the umbrella or even my coat,
and I'll certainly won't need a rowing boat.

Less than thirty metres from my home's front door,
and here comes another heavy downpour.
Looking up, I just cannot understand why,
there is not a cloud anywhere in the sky.

by Orlando Belo

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Lovely expression of thankfulness for all the love and care that God bestows on man. Thank you, Edward.