(11/26/1971 / New York)

You Were With Me When I Left, Though You Didn'T Know It

I can feel
the essence of me
seeping out
wet and warm

the pink room
swirls about
in a haze of color.

as it turns
to shades
of gray
I think of you

your eyes blue
like the gentle waters
that soothe
caressing the beach sand
at Mayaro

the warmth of your touch
which rivals the orange sun
melting in Siparia at noon

the melody of your voice
that washes over me
like the tall green water
from Maracas.

I wonder,
turning fantasy
like hot black
Pitch lake rocks
in my wet hands...

will you share
your roti with me
as we walk
in the streets of Point
Shandi and Carib
flowing free.

will you kiss me
on High Street
with the
smiling old men
seated looking

will you serenade me
with your words of love
as the scent
of sugar cakes
and coconut fudge
fill the air we share

will you caress me
as the sun leaves
over the ocean
streaking colors
of saris in its wake...

will you
covet me
while steel-pans
beat rhythms
to make love by

but mostly
I wonder
why you'll not hold me
while I lay here
soul melting
blood red.

I wake to voices,
alcohol, breeze and feet
in a rush
of blue, green and white sanitary
I know, they're all off
to somewhere I can't go.

by Eila Mahima Jaipaul

Comments (3)

Your best yet I feel as if I am in conversation with you and we are planning a secret rendez-vous Namaste Peter
Eila: This is absolutely brilliant. I recommend, as another reviewer has suggested, that you omit punctuation altogether and just let the lines and thoughts flow. Martin
This is a truely wonderful poem. There are a lot of vivid and unique images and it is haunting too. You might want to review the punctuation, however, as it is irregular. Good job!