You Weren'T The Person I Thought You Were

For so long I have loved you.
Never caring what others say about you,
I would look at you from far away,
Keeping my love to you a secret.
I never cared when you were with another person,
As long as you were happy I was fine.
Then, One day you came up to me,
And my biggest dreams came true.
You ask me out,
And happily, I said yes.

Then, things changed.
You lied. You stole. You cheated.
You took drugs that are already ruining your life.
My image perfect image of you began to fade,
A dropout was all I could see.
My feelings for you began to change,
My love for you was replaced with disgust.
You weren’t the person who I thought you were.
I realized you weren’t the one meant for me.

by Corina Cat

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