You Who Are God (Free Verse Sonnet)

(in answer to M. M. Walters)

My Lord and my God You do say that You are like Your Father,
You do say that those who know You, do really know Your Father,
still that which is Godly do remain a secret to man
where You Jesus as the Son and as Michael have conquered over Lucifer
and You Holy Spirit and You my Lord Jesus do bring man
to really accept God and to find Him in a relationship,
where You did jump into this cruel wild untamed world
as the Christ, the Messiah, as the Godly Child
where Your Father not like some die perceive it stand away from man
but is actively involved with our daily existence in His great care
but that it goes for You Jesus over the salvation of each human being
to reconcile everyone with You, with the Holy Spirit and with the Father.
You Jesus are the truth, the light and the way to the sinless eternity
and You do force no one to a relationship or to decide for Your righteousness.

[Reference: "Wat soos God is" (Who is like God)by M. M. Walters. Poet's Note:"Michael
(Hebr., "who is like God") , called St Michael in the Christian churches, one of the seven
archangels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, presumed to be leader of the angels (see Daniel
10: 13,21; 12: 1)and guardian angel of Israel. According to the pseudepigraphic Book of Enoch,
Michael and his command of faithful troops defeated the rebellious archangel Lucifer and his
followers, casting them into Hell. In the Talmud, his relationship to the other angels is compared
with that on earth of the high priest to Israel; thus, he is considered the immediate lawgiver to the
prophet Moses on Sinai (see Acts 7: 38) ." Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.]

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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