RW (5/4/1973 / LONDON)

You Will Always Have My Heart

My precious, I now know you are a boy,
tears flowed when I heard. Your 'Nanna' is over~joyed.
For now I must hold you here in my heart,
but the day will come when we'll never part.

I dream of holding you close, rocking you to sleep,
all the sweet memories in my heart I will keep.
I asked God to keep you safe for me, for I so long
for the day your sweet little face I see.

I have never been so happy as I am today,
I am sure there is more happiness on the way.
Can't wait to count your fingers, kiss you upon
your little nose, my angel in the making, God has
blessed me so.

Your Mommy is so proud, as she too awaits that day,
Love will surround you as through life you make your way.
Five more months to go my little one, waiting patiently,
until with you God is done.

You see, God is an artist, only beauty he does create,
His hand's carefully mold you as your Nanna eagerly waits.
He will make you unique as he does with everyone,
as he so gently creates my first Grand~Son.

For you I will be there, to hold you ever close to me,
to help you take your first steps on your way through life.
If ever you fall my angel, I will be right beside you, to pick
you up and help you through.

Your little hand will grow strong in mine, as together
we live, love and share precious time. I am so proud of you
my angel, from Nanna's thought's you never part, I pray
for you my little one, you will alway's have Nanna's heart.

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