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You Will Be The Death Of Me

I know it deep in my heart
A feeling I don't fully understand
I've come to realize
That I will die by my lover's hand

You may not see it
But fifty sequences play out
If the blood doesn't flow
I'll rot from inside out

Death's never looked so good

If it's by his wonderful face
Locked in place with poise and grace
My heart will beat so fast
Till it comes to a close
Next to me, a single rose

Death's never seemed so near

Before I believed in death
I thought we'd live by the sea
But your spell's entrapping me
My heart silently writhes in pain
Awaiting the night I'll be slain

Death's never tasted so sweet

I'll be locked in his eyes
So close to my demise
Never surface from the waters in my dream
And with a kiss on my lips
Drown I may
But with him to stay

Death won't be so bad

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