DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

You Will Endure Love (Like It Or Not)

Love can be found…
one can lose it too
You can choose your love…
yet love might not choose you

You can be in love…
You can be love-struck
Love can be like the touch of velvet…
Or be like getting hit by a truck

Love can be fleeting…
Love can last a lifetime
Love can be most painful…
Or be softly sublime

Love can be capricious
And be most mysterious
Taste so delicious
A sensation so delirious

Love can vanish…
in a heartbeat
Love can perish…slowly
Or linger sweet

One thing is sure…It will Change…
like the weather
And like the weather
Will blow cold and hot

Be it unbearably heavy
Or light as a feather
You will… endure love…
Like it or not! !

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