You Will Never Fish Out.

Poem By Earnest Gatuma

Jester hail his majestic over applaud
bestowed on an accolade embossed "En-surlheg"...

Gilbert chants before he actually sings,
" Caspian's shore drove me nigh senile, look
nukes and bows! "

Crudes dexterous at bearings
marveling beyond Pluto or who guessed right then?
and Puritans accosted to statute their plans as mutiny.

Faith in the vessels of mutiny and unresolved curiosity,
far but fairly toned, coal could never be bold but
neuron-core possess hydro-phased convection.

Then fused synthetic howdy glory set an 'en-dheurac moat,
yellow cony shimmers gained serenity.

Whilst currents adjusting beneath sea beds,
sailing roughly on thro' eddy-reels,
Phora's buoyancy grovelled surf on press;
The baffling lurks in the extra phases of encountered lessons,
schemed at my lousy foe from murky shores of London
solely desired to 'shake off' the global ingenuity.

Chilly willows struck on-fore draughtin' Speedwell's mast,
Gilbert sang on whilst the wavy tides and amidst conflicted faiths,
"There is always a competitive solution attained
neuron-core is mightier in that kind of way"

Eccentric mother nature bidding endless anomalies
As time mounted,
every other pilgrim view against ordeals;
deep wrath endorsed synergy brighter than the sun's,
at it only other blue blood

Cause frowns tuck for the touch and beignet countless intercede,
about little waters gettin' your knickers in a twist before summer,
is my rota-engine warmed surely?

Rebels drowned deep in their iniquity,
ain't no ordeal.

Festive energy am on it razor struck,
Frequently insured Norse-men never let go
If kindled souls lost to the tussle amid the sons of Uras
I'll henceforth never fish out.

Comments about You Will Never Fish Out.

Write comment. Such a nice poem, Earnest G. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
Well articulated and nicely brought forth with conviction. An insightful piece of poetry written with clarity of thought and mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
A well crafted poem, Earnest..........10+++++++++++++

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