You Will Not Find A Person Like Me.

You will not find a person like me.
That would love you so simply for nothing.
And will worship your face and your scream,
And would always excuse you for foul words.

Because when you are shouting, in shouts
I see only the calling for love
And inside me my happiness stands
And your heart burns so strongly for life!

I will become more active for you
By the more stronger love, as you do.
Shout - energy - coming out - fire.
Brain is secondary, earthly, applied.

Because icon is hidden from us
Behind any perversion of evil.
It is happiness, shining of God,
And it's not brain that you should develop.

There is a command: keep the seventh
Day of Eucharist, as Light of Shabbat.
It will lift you up above the earth
and will show aht in your thoughts is darkened.

The descent will begin after that
to the business and hard working days.
that's the aim - the way up the staircase
and the seventh day lights it for us.


Ты такую, как я, не найдешь,
Чтоб любила тебя просто так,
И твое обожала лицо,
И твой крик бы прощала и мат.

Потому что когда ты кричишь -
В крике вижу призыв для любви.
И внутри меня счастье стоит,
Твое сердце так в жизни горит!

Я активность к тебе проявлю
Тем, что так же, как ты, полюблю.
Крик - энергия - выход - огонь.
Мозг - вторичен, земной, прикладной.

Потому что сокрыта икона
За любым искажением зла.
В этом - счастье, сияние Бога,
И не мозг развивать ты должна.

И есть заповедь: помни седьмой
День Причастия, как Свет Шабата,
Он поднимет тебя над землей
и покажет, что в мыслях не свято.

А потом начинается спуск
в деловые рабочие будни.
В этом цель: вверх по лестнице в путь.
День седьмой освещает тот путь нам.

by Liza Sud

Comments (1)

This poem is the famous cup that runs over with good thoughts for me. Each time I read it, it gave a new and special blessing. The first reading gave me your deep concern for my well being: I WILL BECOME MORE ACTIVE FOR YOU... The second reading showed how you see into my very soul: I SEE ONLY A CALLING FOR LOVE. The third reading gave me a promise you carried from heaven to me: THE SEVENTH DAY LIGHTS IT FOR US. And running below every line there is a steadiness, a confidence, yes it comes from your faith which glories in altruism, and that lack of egoism makes even stronger. But it's not the strength that I associate with you - it's your excitement about knowing and doing GOOD - good thoughts, good deeds, happiness on all sides. This is why I could write a poem about your s-a-l-v-a-t-i-o-n in THE GARDEN SONNETS. Such a subject may seem presumptuous and I considered that possible criticism. B-U-T I am inspired by your spiritual being, your spontaneous giving, our rapport, our ease of communication, our shared love of poetry and music - so many, many things to celebrate I am certain the Heavens are saying to us: R-E-J-O-I-C-E! And I agree, I will not find a person like you, there's only you.