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You Will Not Please Them All

At his funeral service his eulogy was read
And by family and friends kind things of him were said
His praises were sung and tears for him were shed
He now rests in peace in his dark earthy bed
But some who worked for him of him do have different to say
Respect to his memory they never would pay
To them he was not loyal to his workers a selfish, ruthless man
And some of them even begrudged him his lengthy life span
Survived by his children, grandchildren and their children and his sixth wife
At ninety six years one who lived a long life
Different views of the man he was those who knew him recall
You may well please some but you will not please them all
Suppose this is how it is and it always will be
The great person to you may not be so to me

by Francis Duggan

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True, but have you ever heard the speakers trash the deceased at a funeral? They always bring out the best things. I'm thinking of having my funeral before I die so that I can hear all the good things people will say about me. On second thought, in my case they would probably trash me...