Apple Blossom White

What joyful scenes now fill my eyes
Where're I look I see,
Those vibrant hues that spread afar
And light the morn with glee,
To see the merry trees now dressed
With all that spring endows,
As apple blossom white now hangs
Upon these orchard boughs.

I watch the fleeting bumblebees
That move from flower to flower,
While petals fall upon the breeze
As if an April shower,
I hear the lonely blackbird sing
Within the leafy shade,
As I so gladly look upon
The wonders here displayed.

I am so blessed to witness
And to see the clothes they wear,
For spring shall pass too quickly
And the fruit they soon shall bear,
Yet now I stand in awe
And I'm so grateful I can browse,
The apple blossom white that hangs
Upon these orchard boughs.

Copyright Andrew Blakemore 2011


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