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You Without You (..An Introduction)
JS Jack Sacchi (12/04/1989 / Dublin, Ireland)

You Without You (..An Introduction)

Starting today:
An all new you.
No more backseat.
No more proposing and hoping it will come through.
No more coffee cup dregs
And glasses half empty.
No more smiling and letting them go ahead of you.
No more crying in your room.
No more razor blades and nights spent alone.
No more listening without a turn to speak
Whilst they walk all over you,
Knowing you're weak.
No more telling people you're fine
Because this time you'll mean it.
No more pretending that you don't know what it's like to be alone.
No more keeping with 'friends' who rest on their lies
As if they were a throne.
No more turning away from life
Afraid of being shot down.
No more looking with disdain at your age and the being you are.
No more smashing mirrors with hands raw
From building ships to carry friends to some distant shore.
Far from where you are and when you need them even more.
No more forgetting how to spell your own name.
No, for you now, suicide is an alien concept.
The unthinkable.
Something that you only read about in those books your parents kept.
No more thinking you are the only person in the world to have
Felt the way you felt. A person wrote this and wept
All for you,
The beautiful thing you've become, to get you out of this rut.
For the poets in the audience to smile, and show that the power of words
Still has power, even for the few.
No more thinking you were wrong for believing everything you said
Was true.
And finally, and most important,
Starting today:
No more spelling you without you.

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