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You Write Poem's

When i tell my old friend's, i now write poem's,
they all chuckle, on their way home.

this big, burly man, with a pen, in his hand,
spitting out feelings, that men shouldn't have.
men shouldn't feel, emotion's

men should, never let their, feeling's show
men should keep all those feeling's, inside
and men should, never cry.

those are the lies, Iv been told, since
i was a boy, now that I'm grown, i know
it's alright, to let my feeling's, be known

some will say, o he, must be gay, to be writing
this way, but I am man, who will take a stand,
to say, this is who, i am

and this, is how i feel, so to all my, old friend's,
and new, one's to come, I am still a big guy,
but in the end, I'm still just a

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