Born Into Evil (Given No Fighting Chance)

how do you keep a soul pure
how do you keep ones innocence
when they are born into a home of evil
the truth is you can’t
for you learn from those around you
even when you don’t want to
you do
so how is this fair
he was never given a fighting chance
for we are born with a heart of gold
but it is but to those around you
to let you keep it
for if you live with people with tainted hearts
yours to will slowly become tainted
unless you fight
but being born into it
you can not fight at such an age
you have to trust that someone will fight for you

by Scarlet .....

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The satisfaction and the confidence of the poet on his work is much better than the rreader rating of the multiple clicks on a poem without understanding the depth n knowing the worth...a conscious reader together with the poets deep thought...develops a tenor....n thats enough...
Anjali, Why should you care for the popularity or something like that, when you are a poet? You have a unique thought process which is rare....Just write whatever God gifts to you....Who cares for popularity? ...That's the trait of mediocrity, dear....
When I read you, Anjali, I can see the moon on a dark cloudy night. mark
Dear Anjali, Ignore these attributes, artificial, Ranking, popularity and topper, Super-evolved species fooled, normal, Can senseless machines fare any better? So we are always there to read your poems and spread your message. Just keep on writing and sharing. Warm Regards, Ranjit
Hehehe. I once tried to read something by him but the first few lines were so excruciatingly bad that I've never had the courage to go back ever since.
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