Poem By Johnny Golding

Run, and I will run with you,
Jump, and I will jump too,
Breathe, and I will breathe for you,
Feel, and so will I.

Dream, and I dream of you,
See, and I will see too,
Think, and I will think for you,
Love and so will I.

Live, and, oh, I Iive for you
Die, so will I.

Comments about You

deeply touching keep writing! 9
some lovely poetry here...keep writing
As I said before. One day people will be reading Johnny Golding and you will have made your mark in history. You are a clever little bugger. I am a great admirer of the talent that you are showing Jan
Don't delet them coz they are wonderful and the last one shows how you feel
Oh my god this poet is a genius!

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