Young Adults

Shock upon my face,
Unexpected thoughts cross my mind.
Confirmed by my eyes,
A child no more than 9, at 9
Dressed like a King’s Cross corner girl.
Walking like she‘s selling it,
Ass in the air, ready to be parked.
Her face looking like she wants it.
I fear for her.
Someone will take her up on it.
I can feel his cold breath upon my neck,
Tongue hanging out, the cat’s got his cream!
Feeding him with her flesh.
Another child lost.
Before her time,
Young spirit shrouded in old soul.
If we care for our children
How can we stand by, and let this happen?
Then wonder why,
Youth dies so early today.

by Joseph Tanner

Comments (2)

Well written.. explains well of how our generation is today. keep on writing
wow, what a great poem, ofcourse the reality that is based on is very sad and pessimistic.. HBH