Young And Beautiful

When I was young and full of life, When I was young and starry eyed
Bouncing along all the boys on the street
All the boys I would meet whistled at me
I was like a sweet and juicy apple in their eyes
I could see their faces every time I passed them by
Lining up every evening hoping to be lucky
Each one wants a date with me so much, so much, you are so beautiful
When you're young and in your prime
You are so beautiful, when you're young it's your time
You think the world owes you something, but the world owes you nothing
You owe the world each day and every night
It's so wonderful, so wonderful, the life you share
I'm getting old and feeble now, and no one's whistling any more
Whistling at me when I walk down the street, not the way it used to be,
I can remember just my lonely kettle when I make a cup of tea
Steaming up the water it's whistling at me
Everything is so different with the past and present
Don't know where the nice guys have all gone, all gone

by Gertie Banton

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