Young Blood

Young people know your story
Your life, your values, your enemy

Don’t sit around, talk about endless bills
While your ancestors sacrificed, do you know how it feels
Being slapped in the face while you’re innocent
By people who don’t shower with stinky scent
The types that life means nothing to
And ignorant about mother nature too

They try to wash us away
Like the waves wash away the sea shores
More and more we become anyway
So afraid of us they have visible open pores

So long we have been fighting
It’s still not in our peaceful system
Because we’re kind and loving
And true peace is our eternal emblem

Young blood don’t get carried away with today’s life
Don’t pick just about any husband and just any wife
Life is serious when it comes to culture and values
Now you’re nothing but used, and 100% confused.



by MarieLove Brevil

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