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Young D B

Young D B is a person well worthy of note
A talented artist and a marvellous poet
The most sought after young unmarried man by the young unmarried women of the town
He is one who is on the way to renown.

In his twenty fourth year at the peak of his prime
His future looks rosy on his side he has time
The love of his heart is lovely young dark haired Noleen
Together hand in hand in the park they've been seen.

Young and happy D B he is handsome and tall
Not surprising why women in a big way for him fall
I envy him his talents his good looks and youth
Since my better days long gone that's speaking the truth.

Noleen is the one who has won D B's heart
And of his life she has become a big part
Most of the local young nubile females are jealous of her
But she is the one that young D B prefer.

by Francis Duggan

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