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Young Girl
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Young Girl

Young Girl
wearing high heels of insecurities,
as she trips on the pavement of reality.
She's young,
you can tell by her face,
But she's trying to outgrow it,
by trying to match older men's taste.
But she's so unease,
for she's looking side to side.
More unease,
as she frantically looks side to side.
She's uncomfortable in her artifical skin,
that's the feeling she's trying to hide.
But she flaunts it as she wears it,
thinking her look is 'in'.

Young Girl
who dreams of a life that is just too wild.
No more of her mother's restrictions,
runs away from her bedroom's conviction.
She denies any supervision,
even though her La La land
is taboo for a child of no supervision.
Rated R,
for rendevous, for rugged men who,
drunkily tell her, 'I love you'.
A life that is not even close to PF.
A life so hidden from mommy.

Young Girl
who was born to a woman prematurely.
A woman with so many flaws.
A woman with no useful experience at all.
A woman who has no remembrance,
of the life lessons that has been taught.
A little girl playing with mommy's makeup,
and not yet has been caught.
She's so clueless for she's so easy to mislead,
thinking a woman's maturity came,
with her rebellious deeds.
But nothing of her foolish ways,
has blossom a flower from her seed.

Poor Young Girl
who doesn't know at all,
with those high heels,
how quickly it is to fall.

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