Young Girl

You wish to find a substance of strength
Searching for beauty to find it there
Standing on the edge of throwing all care
To a hope and the meaning of a love of length

You yearn for a body of holding power
To soothe away the solitary hour
A cherished caress to be secure
But cautious you go for this a lure

The seeking of souls to partake of time
The searching of hearts to find a chime
To be known by the eyes of passionate care
To be safely kept in arms of a loving lair

Young girl,
Don’t sell your beauty to a destructive soul
A price for passion causing your fall
This appearance of strength seem to answer your call
But the reaping of lust its ultimate goal


by Francois Hoon

Comments (1)

Wow! Very very true! Wish more girls could hear such words out of a man's mouth and take love and life more seriously, and not just a game of fleshly desire. Gr8 job: -)