GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

Young Lady In Search!

How does one explain such contrasting beauty
a love so adored yet so unfulfilling
an apaisement to the naked eye
yet in a small twist of fate, appalling
One can only reason this state of being
an emotional transference of confusing belief
a Lady in waiting adorned by the girl within
a true vision of loveliness, filled with torrent rage
the white doves a'more, yet wild animal caged.

One only needs to embrace such beauty
to understand the nature of her sting
and the never-ending search of truth in moment
to the naked eye, a pristine beauty
a wondrous glory of rarest find
her love for her young a truth untold
the code of ethics hid deep in her heart
her unquestionable reason for playing her part
yet deep inside, trapped is a yearning little girl.

A girl who missed out on younger year
trying to recapture loss of fallen tear
trapped in responsible unwanted motherhood
a fate she'd escape if only she could
a wildflower in full bloom wanting so much
that youthful freedom, that unexplored touch
the passionate fire that sets her aflame
yet contrasting beauty brings forth no gain

She reaches for heaven, falling further below
that unsatisfied need she does not wish to know
a Lady entrapped by a selfish little girl
could one possibly free from such a place
how does one tare down showing wealth
for years of beauty, such selfless devotion
looked upon as wasted year, such foolish notion
a mothers love given....such sacrificial choice
no mothers love.......child has no voice
another fleshly soul...wondering aimlessly lost
on flip side of coin......this be the cost

So how does one
ease such a pain
except to show you
you have brought such gain! !

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Comments (3)

I love this one Geoff... especially the final two stanzas, the part where you talk about mother giving love but child not receiving it.... it certainly packs a punch! Love it! HG xx
wow, Geoff... this is simply exquisite... the dicotamy, the entrapment, the images... honestly, i'm stunned. this is going straight to my faves. take my 10, wordsmith! Cheers, Masha
Excellent! A true identity of a fragile soul? Young Lady in search!