I'm hurt
From what you said
I feel like durt
Its stuck in my head

It will always be there
And will never leave
I can tell how much you care
Now my heart is beginning to unweave

I am filled with sarrow
I have no fear
I might not be here tomorrow
Oh dear

I feel no pain
How much can I really stand
I want to stand in front of a train
Who is in demand? ? ?

Please stop my suffering
I have had enough
I am not faking
And I am not that tough

by alyza theonlyone

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Comments (3)

I love this one Geoff... especially the final two stanzas, the part where you talk about mother giving love but child not receiving it.... it certainly packs a punch! Love it! HG xx
wow, Geoff... this is simply exquisite... the dicotamy, the entrapment, the images... honestly, i'm stunned. this is going straight to my faves. take my 10, wordsmith! Cheers, Masha
Excellent! A true identity of a fragile soul? Young Lady in search!