The Pinda-Dana Ritual, The Countryside Torn By Hunger, Thirst And Hot Summer And The Crows Crowing

Everywhere there is a cry for the quenching of thirst,
Scarcity of food and cereals,
The crows crowing,
Moving here and there,
Flying for food and water
In the countryside nondescript village
Of a few mud-built houses

While the pinda-dana ceremony going on,
The ritual in full swing,
The karta doing lriya-karma,
The purohita making him do,
Asking for dana and dakshina,
Clothes, beddings, cot, slippers, umbrella,
Cereals, utensils, umbrella, fan and other,
But the crows crowing on the either side,
Crowing for food and water

And the summer very, very hot,
Intensive heat falling,
The sun seems to be burning, scorching it all
And the earth lies it sunburnt, parching
With the cracks into its surface,
Aggravating the plight,
The misery of people
Unable to suppress the hunger of the belly
And the all asking for food,
For water to quench their thirst.

The pinda-dana is continuing at one place
While on the other the people waiting for their turn
To take food and water,
Five type of sweets,
Even making the aggrieved party mortgage
Their properties
And the money lender will taking compound interest,
Finally, the lands will go to him.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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This is beautiful! ! ! It is very touching and I can see her love for him in every line and dot!
I relate to this. Its beautiful.