Waterfall Of Music

I remember lilting notes
A song of yester-years
The treble waltz before mine eyes
Cleft dreaming in mine ears

And tight I'd hold that harmony
Weaving through trilling lines
And capable of cleansing sin
It took and washed all mine

A waterfall of music
Would fall down upon my head
And beg I did that it not stop
And pray it would not end

A faint and distant song
I cannot forget its haunting ring
You a songbird circling high
On beautiful clipped wings

And on the wooden seat I sit
Where you would sing your song
Where a waterfall of music
Would rain down so soft and long

My fingers trace the outline now
Engraved upon that seat
Of a waterfall, a music note
That you have left for me

My harmony in

by Dawn Novus

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