Many Red Devils Ran From My Heart

Many red devils ran from my heart
And out upon the page,
They were so tiny
The pen could mash them.
And many struggled in the ink.
It was strange
To write in this red muck
Of things from my heart.

by Stephen Crane

Comments (19)

Thank you! That's what I said! (or wish I had written) .......
Rightly said. Beautiful
Does anyone know where i can find the Spanish version of this poem?
You have said it all. Young poets (poets remain young till the very end) are explorers of new galaxies every moment. Small but significant comment on the role of a poet.
Such an inspiration to young (and to us old) poets. This is the first time I have ever added the poem of the day to my favorite poem list, as far as I can remember. Of course, at my age I can't remember very far.
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