Your Own Worst Enemy

You wake up in tears, to begin your day,
You already know, a rough one’s on the way.
People see you as happy, people see you as strong,
What people don’t know is they are dead wrong.

You’ve build a façade, all through your life,
But raging within you is conflict and strife.
You find yourself crying, from out of the blue,
You thought you were stable, now what do you do.

You live for so many, the friend that they need,
You spend all of your time, being helpful with deed.
But deep in yourself, you know what is true,
You’ve never been happy; your soul is so blue.

There’s only one way you will ever find joy,
Don’t be your worst enemy, let others destroy.

by Terry Wiens

Comments (18)

Rightly said. Beautiful
Does anyone know where i can find the Spanish version of this poem?
You have said it all. Young poets (poets remain young till the very end) are explorers of new galaxies every moment. Small but significant comment on the role of a poet.
Such an inspiration to young (and to us old) poets. This is the first time I have ever added the poem of the day to my favorite poem list, as far as I can remember. Of course, at my age I can't remember very far.
So inspiring and satisfying. Sadly so often spirit is chained in the discipline of format. Thank you so much for translating this beautiful peace.
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