Passing Remark

Poem By William Stafford

To the young poets flaunting their stuff,
please don't post any stuff that's too rough.
Read the work of old geezers,
they are real crowd pleasers
and keep reading until it's enough.

Then sit down in your favourite chair,
if you need to, start scratching your hair.
When the words tumble out
with a whisper or shout,
you can post it, we MAY treat you fair.

And remember the girls in your life,
the wild ones or even your wife.
If she has an IQ,
she will proofread for you
with her wonderful spellcheckerknife.

Comments about Passing Remark

lol that's what I do look and read and learn and then let my story's unfold...
Janice: Your comment is interesting, although I am not sure how to interpret RC's comments. As to your remarks about people taking things personally and about age having absolutely nothing to do with being able to write... I totally disagree with you there. Where would we all be if we did NOT take things personally? : -)) And the old Latin saying Repetitio est mater studiorum has never been refuted. The fact that many youngsters think that they know everything, are able to do everything and all of this better than their elders doesn't make it so. If one receives an award at age 8 then this is an age-related award. And if one receives one at age 99 it is the same. In between is what we must concentrate on. But I think I know what you mean.: -))
WHY for goodness sake to do many people take things personally. Poetry is self expression and we all do that as poets. Golly gosh oh gee! Get over it and enjoy being creative instead of touchy and pathetic. AGE has absolutely NOTHING to do with being able to write. I got my first award and was published at 8 years old and I'm still doing it at 55yrs. I never once thought about how old I was, or how old I wasn't. In response to RC Abbekka
Well herbert i never got to be a young poet, i am glad that i didn't write at a young age, for i wasn't ready to write poetry i do read the young poets and i enjoy them, young woman young men with a point of view, which i respect if i dont like what they say it doesn't matter, but what you wrote needed to be said, i give you a ten or i give you nothing, i gave you a score With a warmth allan
Thanks Lawrence for your comments. Was it you that gave me a ONE? More likely a young poet who is still in diapers and doesn't know what a limerick is. H

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