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Young Talent
Herbert Nehrlich (04 October 1943 / Germany)

Young Talent

Have you heard of a girl named Norina?
She's a poet and just fourteen.
Not an Artist, nor Ballerina,
but a poet with talent, and keen.

Take a look at her contributions:
they are lovely and meaningful, sweet.
If you're talking of elocution,
she's truly and well on the beat.

In the years to come,
I am saying the word:
She will be a voice -
a voice to be heard!

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Herbert i read some of her work, i was impressed i saw her age and was more impressed i sent her a email, the funny part she saw more meaning in one of my small amuse the native poem's, then was really there i hope she doesn't try to analize me she might succeed Kind regard's AJS
So now it is official. All you have to do is live up to your SELF. And, believe me, it's all there. H