MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Your Aborted Family

Are u happy in ur penthouse
After u paid the lawyers u can afford it
Just be glad u weren't the fifth in line
Or u would've been aborted

Did u ever have a family barbecue
In your sad garden made of stone
Everytime u grilled a steak
Did u eat alone

Your first love made it her prison
But all it turned out to be was a cold empty dome
Now the second burns her fancy candles
Becuz she feels its her home

But where do u fit in
Can u find a love and call it a home
Or are u spending time in isolation
Becoz u are still alone

One left u lonely
And u immediately replaced her with another
But can she take the place
Of your two dead brothers

Are u in search of love
But find only sorrow and pain
You seem like u don't care
Will u ever care again

Do u feel the need to cater to the ladies u love
Perhaps u should find someone to cater to u
U say u don't need a pill to deal with life
But if u say ur dealing then I don't belive its true

Becoz believe it or not
Your blood is the same as mine inside your veins
If u think u can never be institutionalized
Then u must be fuckin' insane

Your still a young man
Young, handsome and strong
But if u think u can't reach your breaking point
Then I hate to tell u but your dead wrong

Look at the blood in your siblings
The blood that scares u and makes u hide
U have the same poisoned blood
That roams around deep down inside

So u can be a cocky sonovabitch
Be proud that u don't have to take a pill
But when u have no choice but to face the cold facts
Will anyone be there to help u deal with the chill

So u say u've never had to wear a straight jacket
Becoz those jackets your siblings wear won't fit
Pleez remember to at least wear a raincoat
When u run into a fan covered with shit

U can't hide your pain
From your brother who sees thru the same eyes
But who do u hear when your ears are open
Becoz so many people in your life seem to cry

So u'd rather just vegitate
On your couch and hope ur team wins the game
But when the time comes when your world is in misery
And u are all alone who will u blame

When u have to wear a tight fitting jacket
Will the lovely ladies be there to give u support
Or will u reach out to your family
The family that u happen to abort

by Mr. Poetic

Comments (2)

A nice poem! Real life situation- though unfortunate- well brought out!
All I have to say is: Be strong, don't let your emotions eat you! ! ! By the way this poem is quite good.