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Your Beauitful Life
RF (4/12/1989 / San Diego)

Your Beauitful Life

Your life begon,
With a rocky start.
You had foster parents,
You and your first love,
Grew apart...
You were out on the streets,
Praying to God for a new start,
While at the same time you and your sister fought,
You at the end wishing for a better part...
Unanswered prares,
Broken dreams,
And with a broken heart,
You then earned a new start...
While a little akey and shakey on the outside,
And as strong and tall,
Only like the Berlin wall,
Your life now at Hoover,
Could leed you to a new protocall...
With the seperation from the ones,
Who were only there to bring you down,
Your unanswered prayers,
Broken dreams,
And broken heart,
Had somewhere now to drown...
But dont' let me be the one to judge you,
Because this is what I know,
Your life has been what you've made of it,
and its the beauty that you've made of it,
that shows

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