Your Best Each Day

Fair weather clouds, a peaceful calm
Today's sunrise, a soothing balm
The memory saved for life's bouquet
A shaft of light for stormy days
A time to live, not hurry time
A day to let the clock unwind
A time to breathe as life unfolds
A time of beauty for the soul
Through life's storms, come what may
Let others see your best each day
In future times of dark and gloom
Deep in your soul the flowers bloom
With Nature's beauty on display
What tomorrow brings, who can say
Let others see your best each day.

by Chris Embrick

Comments (3)

A real delight to read and so very uplifting and positive! Thank you so much for sharing Lodigiana
A lovely well executed write, Chris. Very inspiring.10
Nice poem Chris, though I haven't heard of the form it has been written in before.