JB (3-22-1974 / Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Your Best Friends

Faith and Doubt are your best friends
Who have never met.
Throw a party.
Shake some martinis.
Put out some cakes.
Introduce the two.
Turn on music.
Invite them to dance.
Stand behind the bar and watch.
Have another round ready.
In front of the guests,
They will begin to argue.
Pour the cocktails.
It doesn’t matter the question:
They know all the answers.
Shake a drink for yourself.
They never agree.
Love, politics, the meaning of everything:
Doubt always throws the first punch.
Give the crowd thirty seconds
To enjoy the scene.
Watch your friend’s reactions.
Take mental notes.
You have to do something.
Tip your glass,
Swallow hard, and
Choose who leaves.
Smile at the one who stays.
In a few days
Plan a make up session
For the late afternoon.
They always come again.
Brew the coffee strong.
Put out some cakes.
This time, no one leaves
Until it’s settled.
You choose who is right.
It’s after five.
Shake the first round.
Don’t worry.
You have time.
They will stay all night.

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