Your Birthday

This morning when you wake up
A sweet smile will meet you
When you reflect within yourself
A moment of truth will greet you

Birthdays signify love – not aging
As love ages not when deaths arrive
For whatever is worth in an ordinary day
Love enlivens it for the entire life

For those who cherish you in their hearts
A day such as this is brilliant
They can hug you or remember you
A little special which good friends want

This is the day your Mother will look at you
May be with a little more pride
And your brother will give you a kiss
As his affection he cannot hide

Your father will always bless you
With happiness and joy unbound
May you live safe and sound
With friends and well-wishers all around.

****On my daughter's (Dhriti) recent birthday****

by Bhaswat Chakraborty

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Comments (5)

A great poem for a birthday card. Something that I'm always looking for when I pick a few of them up at a time. Hall Mark would love this one 10++
this one blew my MIND! nice poem. i loved it! a big 10++ to u! =)
I loved it! I've been trying to explain to someone why birthdays are so important. Now all I have to do is read him your poem.
Nice poem on birthday.
are these good wishes for only this birthday lol whatever a nice write -10 anjali