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Your Body's Atmosphere
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Your Body's Atmosphere

Poem By Jill Henson

Gettin On The Psychedelic Kicks,
Tweakin With The Acid Trips,
Colors Pulsing With The Beat,
A Visual Music That Moves Your Feet.

Now Everythings Been Twisted Around,
Instead Of Hearing, Now You See The Sound,
You Taste The Colors And Dance About,
Words Come Out Like Shapes Each Time You Shout.

Once Again It's Rearranged,
In Is Out, Up Is Down, And Somehow Your Body Has Changed,
Now You're Ten Feet Tall And Crushin Folks,
In The Back Of Your Mind You Remember Taking Some Laced Up Tokes.

Hips Swingin, Feet Steppin, Hands Windin,
People Sweatin, Touchin, Kissin, Grindin,
All These Goings On Are Super Groovy N Tantalizing,
It's All Out There, The Situation Needs No Analyzing.

Keep In Mind Next Time You Take A Glance,
At A Poster Or Painting, Hear A Song Or Do A Dance,
Jump In Deeper Than What You See And Hear,
And Put All Those Good Vibes And Trippy Feelings Into Your Body's Atmosphere.

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