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As time goes by you can see your life like pages in a book
You should have no fear when you open it and take a long look
Turning the pages one at a time reading every line
Being happy and proud at what you have done saying this is fine
We all have things that made us sad that make us turn away
But as we read these things we know they gave us the strength to pray
The troubled times are there to make you strong and make you whole
Each day is a new page to be able to look back with pride should be our goal
So don’t do anything you would regret for all action depict your fate
For this book will be handed to you on that judgment day at St Peters Gate
It’s the words of good that will be read out loud and for the evil you will have to pay
For it is St Peter who will decide if you are a good person or should he turn you away! ! ! !

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