The Earth And Her Suitor!

He travels with the fastest speed,
Hugs her half naked body with greed,
She tilts at twenties and hides her poles,
she has the beauty pageant for him to drool.

Blues and green on her subtle skin.
She was so beautiful in herbal regime.
Suddenly blackheads, freckles and smoke,
Whiteheads structure blemishes on her face,

The third planet under his solar control,
her children dig out and decorate her rococo,
They have their own hundreds of satellite,
Stealing his hot energy to fuel and light.

Opaque barriers not to let him in and keep him away,
so he puts her under surveillance the whole day,
She rotates and shows him the happenings with fear,
who is as visible as him, just a provider.

Name the suitor, who dries up her entire rainy tear,
Name the descent guy, who keeps her cold privacy,
Name another name, who feeds her flora and fauna,
Name anything that is as caring and loving as him.

by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

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