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About Your Skin

What is it about your skin?
I touch you and it is as natural as breathing,
As right as being
That I don’t even have to think about it.
It’s not about conscious or subconscious:
Just about us.

Wonder whether Adam knew Eve
With such insouciant tenderness:
Love in a unique completeness;
Whether what we feel has ever been felt
By anyone in this life, anywhere, anywhen.
Like being deep in a natural forest
Wondering whether anyone has ever set their foot
Beneath my soles,
If he or she had ever wondered whether
Anyone would ever follow in their footsteps: -
A virgin moment:
Unbroken snow
Stretching to History’s horizon
In all directions;
A whole world:
Our world;
Populated only by the desires of our hearts
And our limitless imaginations
Of the infinite possibilities
Of you
And me.

A whole world.
Our world.
My world.
Your skin.

by Tony Jolley

Comments (35)

Nice poem Alexei! Great read to start my day! Thank you!
The blood of your hand is part of the wickedness of mankind. Nice work
This poem is a clear warning to all evil doers that their ends will be horrible as hell that melts even diamonds and gold into wasteful molasses!
‘…But the Lord shall look and say ‘I know you not.’…’ Sir is god not Omnimerciful? Doesn’t He know our limitation…even if we choose Dirt? Is He not our Father…should He us to teach thro’ sufferings and punishment… ‘…upon your body great worms shall feast, .. I trust in that God…Who will lead me from Darkness to Light not thro’ suffering but by mercy … Ms. Nivedita UK
An extraordinary literary piece! Profound and very Spiritual, Quite beautiful indeed! You leave me speechless! My humble 10 for you, dear friend! Dragon Wizard
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