IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Your Choice Story Poem

My cause was just I could fulfil
a life long dream, an urge to kill.
An urge I knew I must resist
by application of my will.

Circumstances alter cases.
I planned my action on this basis.
All paedophiles deserve to die
Just disappear and leave no traces.

My chosen victim was beast.
Who masqueraded as a priest
and preyed upon young choirboys
He’s missing now presumed deceased.

I groomed my victim carefully.
Confessed that I had frequently
had unclean thoughts about small boys.
The priest absolved me readily.

In me he thought he’d found a friend.
A man on whom he could depend
to keep a still tongue in his head.
His own perversions to defend.

But he was wrong in his belief.
He was remarkably naïf
He thought his cloth protected him.
A fact that brought me much relief.

I told him that I belonged to
a private club know to but few.
Men who shared our interest.
When next I went he could come too..

The trap was set now I would
wait for him to nibble at the bait
I knew that he could not resist
He was hardened deviate.

It was arranged that we should go.
Quite separately so none would know.
He thought it best to be discreet
and I agreed it should be so.

We reached the chosen rendevous.
He was surprised we were but two
and even more surprised to find
just what it was I meant to do.

I did not hesitate or pause
I took his life without remorse.
An old pit shaft his resting place
where none will look for him of course.

The priest would simply disappear
for reasons which will be quite clear.
When his perversions come to light
He was afraid to linger here.

His sins recorded faithfully
in grim detail on his P.C,
Another scandal for the church
will come to light for all to see

For many reasons he would leave
they would quite easily believe.
That he just lost his nerve and fled.
When from his P.C they retrieve.

The photographic evidence.
Undoubtedly it will incense
The men who must investigate
his sudden disappearance.

Their first thought will be suicide
because he has no place to hide
Their search will be desultory
They won’t treat it as homicide.

By killing him I’ve satisfied
The life long dream I’ve had to hide.
The beast has paid the penalty.
I think his death was justified.

It could be that this tale is true
So I will leave it up to you
my gentle reader to decide
You can believe what you want to.


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Comments (3)

Thanks for your work...yet...undone! Now....on with your chores......
Ivor, you have painted quite a tale and a disturbing one at that. Unfortunately paedophillia is like a rolling stone were evil begats more evil, when victims also become paedophiles....and so on. What you wrote needed saying as long as brings on healthy debate. Your friend Bob
Well woven Ivor, I've a feeling it is untrue but just the same a very good storyline and well 'executed'! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX