So much rain fell
that the grass
was like a swamp
and next to the road
suddenly wildflowers bloomed
in colours of white, pink
and crimson-brown.

On long green stems
they grew together
the petals almost
in the shape
of a fortget-me-not
but much more spread
at the front edge.

Some kids might take them
to play the I love you game,
but do so in vain.

The smell of cosmos
hangs soft in the air
and there were patches
of colour everywhere.

I picked some with regret
to see the petals fold over
to hide their heads
of yellow and black specks.

Far to brittle to the touch,
still their beauty was too much
and I thought God,
You made nature really great.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (3)

Thought provoking indeed. We are all just passing by! Wonderful Words.
Ravi, such an interesting write...10++++++
I really liked the way you presented this idea.