TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

Your Cloudy Day

Do you know how much I want you on those cloudy days?
Want to be there?
Need to be there?

This is part of my being:
I am built to be like this,
Built for you,
To want to be there to be 'me' to your unspoken need,
For, miracle of miracles,
Being me seems to meet the need of the woman I love
As being her more than meets every need, want and desire in me
Before I am aware of any one of them.

I love you in your strength -
especially that strength that says:
'I do not fear to be me to him'.
That strength that says:
'I have no defences to him. I want no defence from him’.
The strength of character,
The strength born of love
To be you,
To be you without worrying what he may think or may or may not do.
To never have to censor yourself or second-guess.

Be strong:
Allow yourself to be weak when you feel so with me.
Be strong:
Be 'cloudy' whensoever you feel you are, feel you need to be, just have to be.
Be strong:
Be naked for me…

...And you will find that I will be your clothing for your weather
And if I have no clothes, then I will hold you in our nakedness and share it till the clouds part...

Or the heavens break upon us both.

by Tony Jolley

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Just beautiful.... HG: -) xx