Your Coast Your Words My Dreams

Is this the sunset you speak of sweetheart,
is this the light from which we never part.
Your words fill my heart with passion as I read,
You have taken me along a wonderful journey indeed.

Your words flow so freely through my heart,
pumping wildly through these veins as these dreams start.
You there in the sun, on the shore that you speak of,
it's ok to dream of being in love.

Passion consuming all my strength, as you take over my mind,
my heart grows weak as you whisper your words to me, as
so eagerly your lips I find.
Those words come alive in my dreams, I feel your touch, as I
pull you into these dreams of mine.

My heart the very canvas you paint upon, color my world
as if it were your very own.
Not to be touched just admired, the beauty only to be seen.
I can only be touched by you in these dreams.

Yet I have felt you, longed for you and been inside your heart,
your words whispered to me softly along this coast, it all starts.
Dreams you have created along the way, the waves lapping at my feet,
as I walk along this coast, your words I shall meet.

Sweet dreams take me away, to your heart, to your soul,
on this shore with this sun, you, never to part.
I can always see you standing there waiting for me in the suns beams,
My heart so lost in you, in these dreams.

by Ruth warren

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Romantic and very loving. Patricia Gale