MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Your Crying Soul

Your life is a struggle
You need to get away
You need to find sunlight
To deal with your dark days

Perhaps a spritual place
Instead of that fancy beach
You need to extend your hands
You need to stretch out and reach

So u think u found the light
In your fancy Long Island home
I think u need to find your soul
In order to seek you must rome

You need a change of atmosphere
A far off tropical place
Some place where u feel no pain
And u can put a smile on your face

Some place where u feel young again
You're still young but your tears grow older
Thats becoz for all your life
You've been carrying the world on your shoulder

Its time to let go
Its time to be free
Forget the worlds problems sweet mama
Remember the world of love and u will see

Go to a place
Where u can watch the horizon in the night sky
Go find a land
Where u won't have to cry

U say you will be in your renovated house
Until the day u die
Why would u want to die in a house
That belongs to the landlord guy

Take what ever money you didn't give
To the fairy princess contractor lady
Go find a nude beach and have a pina colada
Go swimming in the blue ocean and get a little crazy

Go to a remote island in Africa
And go on a safari or visit the Asian lands
Find 50 young oriental men
And have them massage your feet and hands

Go climb the highest mountain
Jump out of an airplane
Do something crazy you old woman
U might as well becoz your going insane

Put away your sob story novels
Put your sad books of death on a shelf
Let your hair down and go wild
Do something for yourself

Don't do it for your children
Don't do it becoz your angry about the past
Do something that makes u feel alive again
And for God sakes woman pleez do it fast

And if the scar on your heart stops bleeding
If your path of pain finally ends
If u ever find happiness on your journey
Then perhaps we'll find each other again

But until your anger and sorrow
Turns into laughter and joy
This man will keep his distance from u
Becoz I am a man and I'm no longer your little boy

And if I've caused u any pain
Becoz of my addiction and the way I behaved
Don't damn me to Hell and disregard my dreams
Becoz its your soul that has to be saved

I'm not a perfect person
I have every right to make a mistake and lose control
But don't worry about mistakes or the misery of the world
Becoz u need to find love and happiness for your crying soul

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Yes, absolutely right! You need to find love and happiness for your crying soul! A good path shown!