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Your Darkest Dream
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Your Darkest Dream

Poem By Crystal Maresh

I am heaven and hell combined
All within this twisted mind.
And know where else shall you find
A fire that burns as hot as in my mind.
In my hand I hold your life
Your sands of time.

I empty your glass, grain by grain with my bloody knife
In return I get no black dollar-no evil dime.
I carry the sins of all souls
In the palm of my hand.
I crush their aces without pity,
And their sorrow I demand.

In all the places I creep
Leaving behind a wrath of destruction.
A trail of blood follows the souls in my hand which weep
Yet you still ask for my name.
My feet walk upon the graves of the living
My face is as black as the heart of society.

You are only alive because I haven’t cut your last thread.
I consume every last one of your feared thoughts
And make you live in dread.
Some call me the devil
Some call me a saint.
I knock upon the doors of those who are faint

I drift from shadow to shadow,
And darkness is my ally,
I am the master of your darkest dreams.

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ooooooooooohhhh creepy nice job!