Your Demise

I hold the knife
And the power
As you look at me
With pleading eyes teeming with terror
How does it feel
Knowing you're about to die?
I feel you tremble
Your screams beg for mercy
As if I was your god almighty
Do you think I would come this far
Just to let you go?

I am the one
Who will bring you to deaths door
Pushing you through
Watching you fall
Ready or not
Your time has come
The darkness awaits
As I plunge the blade
Into your pumping heart
I watch the blood squirt out
Splashing on my skin
The warmth of it arouses me
The wound inflicted will never heal

And as I watch you struggle
Gasping for just one more breath
I revel in the fact
That your exquisite demise
Was all because I had the power

by tiyler durden

Comments (2)

Yes, powerful and scary stuff, I think. Hoping that you did get out of your system whatever it was that was bugging you and also hoping that you are really not that sort of a guy. Looking forward to an equally powerful piece in a more optimistic vein, perhaps.
You've been whatching to many Kung-Fu movies again Tyler...dave