Your Destiny

God has your destiny in his loving sacred hands.
Say yes then just enjoy all his awesome plans.
Where do you think you'll ever get a better deal.
Not from the Devil's lies; because your life is what he wants to steal.
Jesus will give to you so much more than you can even dream.
All this comes rushing to you, in the saving waters stream.
Joy unsurpassed, peace that will always stay.
No matter what or how difficult, you'll never want to stray.
Go through anything, still be able to always come out ahead.
Praise the Lord, count your blessings each night as you go to bed.
On each new morning you can expect another promise which is so right.
My Lord does wonders just for you, always keep that in your sight.
I'm really in awe when I just sit down to think.
Never to worry again on what to eat or drink.
This good shepperd knows everything we do need.
Just trust him, he'll see we have it all; indeed.
For against Holy God, nothing bad can ever prevail.
Happiness abound, when his ship for higher grounds does sail.
So keep on trusting, answering always yes.
Then the Angels will see that you pass the eternal test.

by Greta J.Cummings

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