Your Destiny

There is a special purpose
thats why you are on this earth.
It's been designed for you
even before your birth.

Some call it destiny,
The life you're supposed to live.
It's there for you to take,
If you would just believe.

It's planted in your heart
By God, like seeds, it seems.
Soon in time they grow
And take the form of dreams.

If you still don't know
What you're set out to do,
Just listen with your heart;
He'll whisper it to you.

He made you who you are,
The things you need, He'll give.
Just so the life He planned
One of these days you'll live.

Hold on to your dreams,
Don't let them slip away.
The road may be rough,
But you'll get there someday.

You owe it to the Father
To be what you're born to be.
Work hard and don't give up.
Fulfill your destiny.

by Ruth warren

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The poem speaks exactly how I feel about uncovering our destiny. Thank you for sharing.