This Is Goodbye

With labored respiraton are two bodies did meet.
Such sweet sensation after such frustration.
Your body silhoutted against mine.
Lost in rhythmic motion.
I cling to your body as we frantically fulfill each others needs.
Intoxicated by a desire to poses you.
I choke back the fear of losing you.
I bend to you, letting you use me for your will.
I see you clearly and know you will mar my tangled soul.
Yet I go on loving blindly, for I don't know what else to do.
Those deceptive eyes shine when I search them for security.
I want to believe I mean more to you than just this.
You lead me to believe it could be more...than your gone.
Morning comes and I cling to sleep so I don't have to face that you are truly gone.
She holds you in her arms while I hold fast to the fading memory of you.
Little by little I set you free, if you shall come back in search of me I will not be found.
I deserve the love in return that I so freely gave you.

by Doc. Smooth

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The poem speaks exactly how I feel about uncovering our destiny. Thank you for sharing.