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Your Dew Day
KL (unknown / the womb)

Your Dew Day

I can't seem to get enough of your love
A love which we are worthy of
A love to me as pure as that above

Your touch sending me higher and higher
(a woman is so good for man)
Titillating me even when I sleep

In you emotionally I want to be deep
Describing to you my nervousness
While engulfed by your sweet, sweet scent

My body is starving...
But feed me slowly, I wish
To savor you until morning

Your love some how cleanse me
Giving my soul and body the
Contact of dew on grass, first thing

In the early light....on top of the grass
keeping it moist, beautiful and living

I begin to permeate that which is you
As the day ease into noon
I am no more...

Leaving you saturated, stimulated, and
For all to see.

My period of existence
Awaits for the raise of the morning sun
And your body to awake yarning for vitality

After a long nights nap
I shall just appear as an
Evaporated host

Giving way to whatever your condition
Calls for...
You inspire me to release the best
I live to do just that....too...

Please and respect your (wild life)
I am your dew and I will come again,
Again, and again as often as you need

For me to sustain that which is your,
Natural life.

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